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April 22, 2024

What Will You Hear in the Silence?

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A Message from our CEO: Tom Twellman, Jr.

 I’ve been working this year to build the habit of running every night. Full disclosure: sometimes my run is more of a fast walk. But regardless, it’s all about consistency. It started as a way to commit time to exercise. But lately, I’ve been experiencing a wide variety of benefits of this new habit. The biggest one has been inspiration.

I don’t listen to music or podcasts on my run. In a world full of distractions competing for my attention, my run is the one time of my day that I’ve intentionally decided to dedicate to being fully, 100% present in what I am doing. As usual, the St. Louis area has experienced the full spectrum of seasons already this year. Earlier this year, on a cold and snowy night, it struck me how the silence of the world around me acted as a reset button for my thoughts, providing a space where clarity can thrive.

The sound of my footsteps on the snow-covered path became the perfect rhythmic drum beat to facilitate the kind of meditation you need to untangle the complexities of the day and prepare for what lies ahead in the unknown of tomorrow. The cold air served as a gentle reminder of life’s vitality, prompting a deep appreciation for the present moment.

Amidst the hushed streets, the silence became a powerful conduit for inspiration and offered the chance for introspection, meaningful reflection, and silent conversation with God.

Inspiration. Reflection. Gratitude. Prayer. All facilitated by activity in silence.

We live in a noisy world. Sometimes, removing yourself from it intentionally, even briefly, can provide you with remarkable energy and clarity to attack the next day with vigor, determination, and humility. My hope for you is that this story inspires you to prioritize stepping into the quiet every now and then, and simply being with yourself.

In a moment of silence, you might be surprised what you hear.