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January 15, 2018

Grooming Trends Over Time

Community Involvement

Tom Twellman Jr was recently quoted on the topic of beards in Fashion Beans: Read his take on beards…
“Like history, trends tend to be cyclical … [They reappear but are] presented in a new way when they reemerge,\” Tom Twellman Jr., of Hair Saloon says. \”Take, for instance, the long hair in the 70s. While it was a ‘hippie\’ and tie-dye [trend] in the 70s, the long hair of the 80s was about hair bands, latex, and glam. And when the long hair reappeared in the 90s, it was \’grunge\’ and flannel. Again, same trend, but just presented differently.\’
Transitioning that thought to beards, Twellman states, “I don\’t think what we see today is a trend as much as it is men rediscovering good grooming practices and an expression of self.”
That expression of self Twellman speaks of marks much of what we see among the bearded men of this season.
“Every man who can grow one has worn a beard at some time in his life,\” Levine adds. \”If he hasn\’t, he is missing out on one of the great pleasures and advantages of being a man.”
Twellman, too, sees men claiming their style through facial hair: “Facial hair is an easy way for men to show off their individuality because of how quickly and fast you can change it as well as the many ways in which you can wear it: … tightly trimmed, long and loose, mustache, goatee, and … many other ways in-between.”