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March 14, 2016

Hair Saloon Teams Up with STLFC and SLSG

Community Involvement

Soccer is one sport that fans relate their favorite player with a certain haircut – good or bad! Ronaldo, Neymar, Carlos Valderamma, Roberto Baggio, Chad Vandegriffe, Sam Fink, etc… just google \’Soccer and hair\’ and you will see what we are talking about!
But, at Hair Saloon, we love soccer. We grew up playing the game, our kids play, some of us still play, we coach a couple youth teams in the area… and to help carry on the tradition of soccer in St. Louis, we are excited to announce for the second year, we are sponsoring the Saint Louis Football Club (STLFC) and St. Louis Scott Gallagher (SLSG).
“We were excited for the opportunity to support soccer coming back to St. Louis with the club\’s inaugural campaign in 2015. Their top-notch front office all the way down to the roster of players and coaches made it a great first year. And we found they have such a loyal fan base and supporter group in the St. Louligans who were integral in bringing the lively atmosphere to the Park on game days. It wasn\’t even a question for us to come back for a second go \’round,” says Hair Saloon\’s Chief Operating Officer, Tom Twellman, Jr. “Plus, with all the work they do with the community and with the youth programs it only made us even more excited to lend our support once again this year.”
We\’re looking forward to the start of this season!