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June 14, 2023

Dads: The World Needs You More Than Ever

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Hollywood hasn’t done Fathers any favors in the past few decades. In movies and television, dads today are routinely presented as the comic relief of the family dynamic.

And hey, when somebody needs a laugh, we can fill that role better than anybody. But it’s not all we are.

A dad is someone who works to instill self-confidence and an overall sense of well-being in his kids.

A dad sets an example- he shows his sons how to treat and care for their wives. He shows his daughters what to look for in a husband.

He teaches the value of both a firm handshake and compassionate hug.

A dad is the north star for his family, helping his children develop a strong moral compass and uncompromising values to guide them throughout their lives.

In a world that desperately needs it, dads expect integrity, demand honesty, and teach accountability.

Dads are exactly what the world needs today.


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