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December 13, 2022

25 Years of Stories: Lindsey’s Story

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This year we’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary by telling the stories of the people who make Hair Saloon the great place it is. Today, we’re telling Lindsey’s story.

Lindsey’s Hair Saloon story started 15 years ago, when she was a teenager working at an ice cream shop next door to the Wildwood Hair Saloon. The manager of the neighboring Saloon stopped in, and happened to mention an opening for a Saloon Coordinator. Interested, Lindsey applied and was hired! She held that position for three and a half years, before making the decision to go to school and earn her cosmetology license.

“At the time, I thought I was only going to do men’s hair briefly and then continue my journey to becoming a women’s hair stylist. I quickly learned though that Hair Saloon was the place for me.”

Now, all these years later Lindsey counts that manager among her best friends and credits her with providing the encouragement, motivation, and support she needed along the way to progress in her career as a stylist.

From wedding parties, to babies’ first haircuts, to being the stylist of choice for an entire High School Freshman football team, Lindsey’s skills and winning personality have made her a staple of the Wildwood Hair Saloon family. She prides herself in remembering the details of her discussions with clients between visits, and feels like they’re all a part of her family.

“I think it’s important to make sure clients feel like they’re being listened to, and they’re not just another nameless person sitting in my chair. That makes them comfortable enough to feel like I am someone they can share things with, both good and bad.”


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