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July 7, 2014

Terry Miller is the #1STLDAD

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Terry Miller’s son, Greg, can’t tell his father how much he means to him—at least not with his own voice.
His dad has had a profound impact on him; as a father, mentor—and as a man who has helped him achieve his dreams.   Through emails and family members, however, he shared his dad’s story with us.
It’s a great story.  Terry is the father of three adult children (Scott, Greg, and Kris) and the grandfather of four (Alex, Emma, Weston, and Piper).  And he’s a great man:  That’s why Hair Saloon For Men and The 9s Magazine selected him as this year’s #1 STL Dad.
When Terry and his wife, Pat, welcomed their son into their lives, they knew he would face challenges.  Born with cerebral palsy, Greg cannot speak.
But he can listen; and throughout his thirty-five years of life, he has loved music.  Growing up, his dream was to run his own music business and to help promote others who shared his passion for sound.
By investing an enormous amount of time, energy, and emotional support, his dad helped him realized that dream.  Today, Greg runs Silent But Deadly Productions.  Among other things, his business presents local concerts and concert series—everything from blue grass to rock n’ roll.  Although it is Greg’s company, his dad provides invaluable logistical assistance—including lining up the bands.
“My dad has really set an unattainable bar for fatherhood,” said Greg’s older brother Scott Miller.  “Whether it’s through his time or money, he supports my brother and his entrepreneurial activities.”
Activities that also include owning his a 30-acre farm where they raise alfalfa.  (Terry, now 65, can often be found there throwing hay bails!)
Early on, Terry (along with wife) decided that he was going to do everything in his power to ensure that Greg would have equal access to opportunity.  He would have the freedom to pursue his dreams—just like anyone else.
According to Pat Miller, her husband’s staunch commitment to their boys’ well-being began the moment they were born.  Even when they were still infants, there was ample evidence that Terry was—and would continue to be—an outstanding father.
“He’s always been very nurturing, and a very gentle personality,” she said.  “He’s one of those men who’s even really good with babies.  He loves children.
“Originally, he wanted to be a coach and teacher,” she added.  “He loves mentoring and encouraging people.  So he’s always tried to get our kids involved in lots of things.
Great men like that aren’t born every day. So what factors contributed to Terry’s character—and made him into the man he is today?
“He had a great dad and learned from him,” Pat said.  “I’m sure that was an influencing factor.  But we also married young and when Greg came along, we just had to dig deep and find the resources to be better parents.  So it was almost by necessity that Terry became a good dad.”
Incredible fathers are increasingly rare.  Terry’s family understands that—and there is no chance of them taking him for granted.
“My life would not be the same without my dad in it,” said Greg Miller.  “I tend to get what some might call crazy ideas. When I was growing up, he thought I might want to ride horses so he took me for lessons. One thing lead to another and after a few years I owned a horse and I wanted a place to keep it.”
“To me, it seemed like owning a hay farm was the next step! (I told you I get some crazy ideas!) He was my voice as we established a farm, started growing hay and then started to sell it. He now runs the farm with my help allowing me to spend more time towards my next adventure.”
In a totally different direction, I wanted to start a production company. With an “Okay – here we go again” attitude, he was willing to work with me, be my voice and allow me to get set up. He has had to learn a lot about music styles and concession stands. I would like to think he is having fun too!”
“None of what I’ve done would be possible without my Dad’s help.”
While there were many worthy candidates for #1 STL Dad, there was no question that Terry deserved the honor.
“We are happy to know that not only does Terry deserve the recognition, but that his family is also one-of-a-kind,” said Tom Twellman, Jr. of Hair Saloon For Men.  “We couldn’t have selected a better man or family.”
“We are honored to help share Terry’s story.”
Terry’s family is happy he’s being honored, too.
“What makes me most proud is that my son is a great dad,” Pat Miller said.  “Terry was able to pass that on to him.”
“He’s what I want to be for my kids,” said Scott Miller.   “I’m so glad he was selected to win.”
“He deserves it.”


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