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April 3, 2023

Celebrate Patriots’ Day at Hair Saloon


Hair Saloon 2023 Patriots Day PromotionJuly 4th, 1776 gets all of the headlines. After all, that’s the day the Second Continental Congress gave a big thumbs up to the Declaration of Independence, effectively establishing the great nation we know and love today. But, if it wasn’t for what happened on April 19, 1775, July 4th might just be another day on the calendar.

That was the day the “shot heard round the world” kicked off the Battles of Lexington and Concord- the first skirmishes in the American Revolutionary War. That day was the beginning of the most honorable revolution among men in the history of the United States.

Today, these monumental events are celebrated each year on the 3rd Monday of April with a holiday known as Patriots’ Day. It’s widely celebrated in New England. The Red Sox play an 11:05 a.m. game at Fenway Park every year and The Boston Marathon is also held annually on Patriots’ Day. Towns of all sizes host parades with marching bands and floats. But in much of the rest of the country, it goes unnoticed.

Inspired by what common men could achieve when united against tyranny, Hair Saloon wants to give Patriots’ Day the attention we think it deserves. It might sound like a tall task for our 17 locations, but when you consider what 13 colonies had the guts to do, we think we’re up to the challenge. And we’d love it if you joined us!

April 17 and 18, you’re invited to visit your neighborhood Hair Saloon for a two-day event celebrating Patriots Day. For two days only, we’ll be offering $17.75 Classic Haircuts in recognition of the sacrifices, courage, and the “you know whats” of our forefathers who fought together for the freedom and independence we all enjoy today.

Space is limited! Book now to join us April 17 and 18 in celebrating Patriots’ Day at your favorite Hair Saloon location.


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